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The Delusions Of Glenn Beck About George Soros

The Failure Of Critical Thinking
If the critics of the globalization movement are in need of a villain they can look towards George Soros. At least this is what Glenn Beck would have you believe. Through his frequent diatribes against the billionaire he has given his audience a clearly false but inflammatory portrayal of Soros rooted in both populist economic fears and antisemitism. If one takes even a brief look at the various claims Beck has made you would think Soros plans on enacting world domination by any shady means necessary. The popularity of Beck marks the unfortunate victory of delusions over facts.

The Irony Of The Situation
There is a distinct irony to the attacks Glenn Beck directs towards George Soros. A cursory look at the political stances of Beck reveal a distinctively anticommunist worldview. It just so happens that George Soros is one of the world’s most prominent activists favoring capitalism. The revolutions that Beck claims to expose aren’t anything he should oppose. Yet in Beck’s alternate reality a hedge fund manager, in fact arguably the world’s most successful hedge fund manager, is in fact deeply opposed to capitalism.

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Strange And Spiteful Rhetoric
Glenn Beck has added a peculiar twist to the old blood libel commonly cited against Jews. He claims that Soros was in fact himself a collaborator with the Nazis in his early teens and helped the Nazis send other Jews to their untimely demise during Kristallnacht. This clearly antisemitic canard displays both the absurdity and severity of the attacks Glenn Beck levels against Soros. He is reviving an ancient form of prejudice for his ratings. While many dismiss him as a joke or merely entertaining his crowd. There’s so much more to the story.

The Excuses Pouring In
The horrific falsehoods of Glenn Beck are often excused as a form of humor rather than something serious on Forbes.  With the rise of antisemitism and the connection to efforts to oppose globalization it is difficult to ignore a man who distinctively attacks an international finance stalwart of Jewish extract. The rhetoric of Glenn Beck is absolutely more than just a joke or something to brush aside. He is stoking the fire of a potentially dangerous movement.  See: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

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