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The Customers Of Securus Technology Provide Their Feedback

Securus Technologies is a company that provides criminal and civil justice technology products and services that help the law enforcement industry and correctional facilities solve and prevent crimes. The company has contracts with law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities across the United States and Canada. Securus Technologies recently gathered together a collection of their customer’s feedback responses that demonstrate how they use the products and services in the work they do.

One customer wrote in to let the team at Securus Technologies know that due to their assistance the customer was able to use the information gathered from monitored calls to obtain a search warrant on a corrupt staff member. The staff member had been bringing in contraband that was smuggled to inmates, an offense for which the person was arrested. Another letter describes how their use of monitoring calls using Securus Technologies services allowed them to find out about inmate alcohol use as well as the use and sell of drugs. They were also able to uncover contraband cell devices, threats, and conversations between inmates and those outside the prison discussing money transfers. They also uncovered the details of an incident that happened in the past where shots were fired, and someone telling an inmate that they were illegally selling prescription drugs.

One police officer said that he contacted Securus Technologies about the covert alert feature of one of their products. With the customer service representatives assistance, he was able to successfully use this feature and arrested the suspect. One sheriff’s department used the company’s LBS software which led to the recovery of millions of dollars in illegal drugs, assets, and cash.

Every day the customers of Securus Technologies use their products and services in order to solve crimes and prevent them from happening, protecting the public from the activities of criminals.