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Changing the education system for the better at the Success Academy

It is clear that with single day passing, education is taking a step ahead. Some things such as digital devices have been introduced to the curriculum to make the students enjoy learning and have a practical approach. One of the best examples is the Success Academy which is a charter school. Success Academy is introducing these innovations to give the students the best curriculum possible. This school is striving to reach new lengths to make sure that the students do not lack anything when it comes to education.


This school, Success Academy was established by Eva Moskowitz in the year 2006. She has been instrumental in the level of success it has right now. The system of the lottery is used for admissions, and this is usually done in April. The admissions do not discriminate special needy children and all the children living in New York.


The charter network of Success Academy is capable of handling up to 14000 students. This school also appreciates diversity like no other. Out of the 14000 students, over 90% of the students are African-American or Hispanic. Furthermore, about 70% of the children admitted to Success Academy are from low-income families. The applications submitted to this academy shot from 3017 last year to 17000 applications. These statistics can be attributed to the top notch services being provided at Success Academy.


Reducing the gap between the children from privileged families and those from low-income families has been another emphasis of Success Academy. This has been shown by the performance of the children from low-income families which are exemplary compared to the performance of the kids from the privileged side of the family. In this school, an equal platform is given to all. In 2016, the performance of Success Academy in subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science was among the ten best performers in the state.


The success of Success Academy can be pointed to the determination of the community of the school which includes teachers, students, and families supporting the school programs. No one is left behind when it comes to participation in the school programs such as art shows, ballroom dancing, and chess among others. The school is also on the verge of introducing a pre-kindergarten program and digital devices in their curriculum.