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SEC Whistleblowers Need Lawyers

While the economic collapse appears to be over, that doesn’t mean Wall Street has been completely cleaned up. There are still people from all walks of life that are coming forward to let the SEC know there is still shady business going on. When a SEC Whistleblower does step forward, they are going to need representation.

A SEC Whistleblower attorney is someone who can tell the person who wants to come forward and talk about what kinds of things can be talked about and what kinds of things can even get the person who is blowing the whistle in a spot of trouble. The fact of the matter is that even if you think you are altruistic, there are certain topics you just aren’t allowed to cover.

When the economy was collapsing, the government erected the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to overhaul the way the federal government oversees Wall Street and the economic sector in general. This Act did some different things, but one of the most important moves it made is that it changed the way the whistleblower program works.

This is another reason you are going to want to find yourself a whistleblower lawyer to make sure you have been following what those new rules have laid out. One of the things that make this kind of practice a bit of an incentive is that the government will now pay 10-30 percent of whatever money they end up seizing or fining a company, to the person who blew the whistle.

The point of the tweaks in the law is to try and get people who might have problems coming forward who will now do so because they can provide for their families while doing the right thing. This new part of the law also does make it that much more of an imperative that you consult a whistleblower attorney to figure out how you should go about letting the SEC know if you think or know for certain that something shady is going on.

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