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Rick Shinto, the Innovative Figure Behind InnovaCare Health Success

With its core values based on quality medical care, InnovaCare Health has the most qualified professionals that are driving the firm’s stable growth. According to Rick Shinto, the team has been yet another underpinning through which the company now achieves success. Clear vision, proper communication, and healthy workplace relationships are the real components that have brought ultimate success at the organization.

The Company believes that without the proper transparency model, it would succeed in the competitive health sector. The company has the aim of redefining the modern healthcare environment. InnovaCare Health has two Puerto Rico affiliates; the PMC Medicare Choice Inc and the MMM Healthcare Inc. Read more about Rick at Intelius

Both of these agencies give first-class programs that promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of its members. Customers are highly satisfied and rate their services highly. Both PMC and MMM have been accredited with NCQA, that is only presented top those health programs that go beyond providing patients’ quality assurance. NCQA accreditation also honors health programs that improvement quality and protect customers.

Rick Shinto is the head of InnovaCare and is a prominent figure in the healthcare industry. As the president of the company, Rick Shinto brings with him the vast knowledge and experience of many operational and service years in the healthcare and clinical industry. He worked at Aveta Inc. and was honored with the Annual Young and Ernst Entrepreneur award.

The award recognized his commitment towards company excellence.

He officially began his career in Southern California where he served as the Vice Medical Management President. He later went on to serve at the Chief Medical Officer of the Orange County’s Cal Optima Health Plan. He was also the Chief Operating and Medical Officer at Pathways Medical Management Company. He also worked at the California NAMM before joining InnovaCare.

As a healthcare professional, Rick Shinto has numerous clinical medicine publications. He learned at the Redlands University, where he marked off an M.B.A degree. He also attended the New York State University where he taught medicine. He also participated in the California University where he graduated with a B.S. Kokkinides Penelope serves as the Administrative Chief Officer at InnovaCare and has also worked as the company COO.

She also collaborated with Rick Shinto at the Aveta Inc, where she was the Clinical Operation’s Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. She has an experience of over two decades in the development of clinical programs and other knowledge about wealth. The two, Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto are so knowledgeable and remain the fundamental part of InnovaCare Health organizational structure. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com