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Repairing Online Reputations One Status At A Time

Darius Fisher founded Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, after working as a political correspondent on political campaigns, Darius decided he wanted to open his own business so that he could travel and have the freedom to be his own boss. Fisher started Status labs in 2011, and the business has grown into one of the premier online reputation management companies in the world.

What Status Labs does is simple, they offer digital crisis management, creating and implemented plans to negate or spin any negative comments or bad press found on media outlets related to their clients. Mr. Fishers’ company also searches the headlines on Google as this is the most used outlet for online media.

Darius Fisher offers some secrets to his success which include quitting his job and diving headlong into being a full time entrepreneur, and stating when someone does start their small business, figure out the fastest way to start earning money, and lastly, to focus on the running of the business and selling the product instead of getting mixed up into other issues not related to the running of the business.

Fisher is a graduate with honors of Vanderbilt University, and his former job as a political consultant has certainly helped prepare him for a bright future with Status labs.

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