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The Award Winning Talk Fusion Video Chat

The Communications Solutions Product of the Year is an award presented by TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) which recognizes unique innovations in data, voice or video communications. Talk Fusion’s video chat product winning of this award shows the development at the Communications firm.

Talk Fusion’s video chat has taken video communication a step further. It allows people to communicate or any device (smartphone, PC or tablet) at any location. You can communicate with anyone on any platform. The powerful application is available on iTunes and Google Play. The app utilizes WebRTC technology.

Talk Fusion is proving to be at the forefront of video communication technology by seeking to be an all-in-one provider of video marketing solutions. The rate of innovation at the firm is outstanding, and all of the staff is involved in the work process. The CEO, Bob Reina believes the company can stay ahead of the curve if they keep up the spirit. Each year at Talk Fusion is better than the last.

Talk Fusion launched a website TalkFusionInstantPay.com which includes free trial sessions for their WebRTC recorder helping them reach more customers than they otherwise would. The company’s Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page lauds the firm’s innovation culture, and there is plenty more to come.

Talk Fusion is a first in the field of Video Marketing since they offer all services at one stop. They believe that video communication is the most efficient way to communicate, especially in business. One can be more persuasive and interactive with the chat being more memorable than an email or phone call.

The human touch is inherent in Talk Fusion’s approach. Even their products are marketed door to door by people, a unique way to function in the Technology industry. Talk Fusion has a presence in more than 140 countries with their products marketed by independent third parties. They offer prospect clients free trials of their solutions for 30 days which lets a customer test the product first before buying it.

John Goullet Your Ultimate Solution Expert

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of a country’s economy. Entrepreneurs need role models in the society especially because it involves risk-taking ventures to earn profits. The article is perfect for business minded people in the IT department looking for role models in the world. Mr. John Goullet is a successful US- based entrepreneur managing more than one IT firm including Info Technologies. He began his IT career before founding Info Technologies in 1994, after conducting detailed research on IT market trends. Info Technologies is the IT service provider created to solve IT problems for Fortune 500 companies. After five years of founding the company, John registered a profit of $ 30M. The growth ranked Info Technologies position eight in the list of fast-growing companies.

In 2010, John joined Gene of DIVERSANT Inc. He merged with Info Technologies to form DIVERSANT LLC. Appointed the principal head of DIVERSANT LL, John focuses on providing IT solutions to firms.


After joining Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc, DIVERSANT became DIVERSANT LLC with Gene Waddy as Chief Executive Officer. DIVERSANT LLC is the world’s largest African-American IT solutions firm. With Gene being the CEO, his leadership role, and IT skill is evident in his commitment to assist other IT firms.

DIVERSANT LLC focuses on offering high-quality IT services and advice to firms in need of IT solutions. DIVERSANT offers IT services either on contracts or permanently. Fully committed to the promotion of various supply chains, DIVERSANT LLC offers the Fortune 500 clients open opportunities for growth through providing innovations to solve problems. DIVERSANT LLC is committed to producing transformative practices implemented to serve the demands of customers.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a 53year-old entrepreneur based in New Jersey. He is the co-founder of Info Technologies and the Principal of DIVERSANT LLC. He has various talents such as developing innovative measures towards IT solutions. Mr. Goullet attended Ursinus College where he graduated and later founded Info Technologies. His impressive commitment to DIVERSANT LLC gives the firm a high ranking in the IT market.

More on John:


John Goullet: Building the Future

The Increasingly Unbelievable Predictions Of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is originally an Argentine. He’s likely got some sort of socialist ethic informing his financial decisions. This is evidenced in his links to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. This individual is the leader of Argentina, and she has been called a socialist despot. Part of the reason for that is her horrible economic policies. Economic default has passed acquaintanceship and become resident in Argentina, where it has come in thirteen years on two separate occasions from de Kirchner’s leadership. Yet Kyle Bass never criticizes.

Kyle Bass also runs Hayman Capital Management out of Austin, Texas. Austin is known for being extremely leftist, and hedge funds are known for attacking big-ticket corporations and governing entities as they decline; which has earned them the nickname “vulture funds”. This seems perfectly in line with socialist ethic, though Kyle Bass’ Hayman Capital performs at a level which is mediocre at best.

What makes Kyle Bass special is his prediction in 2008, when he foresaw that sub-prime lending would yield to economic implosion throughout the US. He made quite a bit with this prediction and earned international acclaim, as well as a regular mainstream media soapbox to present his opinions from. Bass is now a billionaire, and has a billion tied up in Chinese investments. Success in Bass’ investment hinges on the Chinese credit bubble imploding. Bass has said there won’t be a “Lehman Brothers” moment, but that said implosion has a likelihood of happening by the end of 2016. How high is that likelihood? Forty to fifty percent–or, less than binary. Bass says it will definitely happen within the next two to three years; the things China is doing right now aren’t sustainable.

The thing is, if the spread is as broad as two to three years, why make a 2016 prediction at all? It might be more of that socialist ethic; the idea being to scare investors away by subterfuge such that the collapse actually happens more quickly.

Former SEC Director Continues to Protect Investors in the Private Sector

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, everyone from investment clients to ordinary people to the government began paying more attention to the investment market. The SEC was ramped up and given more resources to find fraud and unethical behavior and punish those behind it.

Like every organization, the SEC is only as good as the individuals that lead it and during her tenure with the agency Helane Morrison made sure that the San Francisco Office was efficient and fruitful in its efforts.

During the eight years that Ms. Morrison worked for the SEC, the agency was able to detect and pursue cases of fraud from major tech and entertainment companies like Google and HBO. She was also instrumental in the case against American Amicable, an insurance company that sold fake securities to thousands of military personnel.

Hall Capital and the Private Compliance Industry

In 2007, Ms. Morrison decided to take her expertise to the private sector when she agreed to become Hall Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer. The firm is one of San Francisco’s largest money managers with about $24 billion in assets.

With her new role, Ms. Morrison can continue to protect investment clients by thoroughly investigating the different parts of the investment process: brokerage firms, mutual funds, and even the investment itself.

Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has been involved with compliance issues since she joined her first law firm in 1986. She was primarily concerned with cases that dealt with business litigation, corporate investigations, and SEC matters.

She was subsequently promoted to partner in 1991 and later left to become a director at the San Francisco Office of the SEC.

Ms. Morrison has served in her current position as Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital since 2007. She also serves as a member of the company’s executive committee and regularly speaks about common compliance issues that investment advisories face.