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The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Start Up Factory

It is pretty easy to guess what type of company the Swiss Start Up Factory is just based off of their name. This company is based around taking small startups and making them bigger and better global companies that will go beyond the normal of companies and what they usually end up becoming. The vision of this company is to make one of the best accelerator programs around for startups and to give the startups that they come upon all that they need.

What can investors expect to see when signing on with the Swiss Start Up Factory? Well, for starters you will be able to look through a robust portfolio that is just full of different types of startups. Another thing you can expect is a platform in which investors can go to and see ideas and put some of their own out onto. With many well vetted startups this company definitely has a lot to offer the investors.

What can you expect to come across as one of the startups for The Swiss Start Up Factory? Startups get the best of both worlds with financing available, an intense 3 month program that is specifically designed to enhance the startup experience, an investor and mentor network and also a customized service package that will help to guide along any startup.

Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Swiss Start Up Factory. Baur put around twenty years into the Swiss Private Banking. He was able to make his way up the ladder of success starting as a commercial apprentice at UBS and then becoming one of the executive board members of a huge Swiss Private Bank. In the year of 2014 Mike and two partners of his started the Swiss Start Up Factory. This company ended up being one of the best things that any of them had ever dreamed up.

Mike loves the work that he does and is very proud of his accomplishments. It was a long climb to the top for him but it was worth every step. One of the best things about running a company like the Swiss Start Up company is the fact that you get to make people happy and also make them become successful with all of their dreams. This is probably the reason that the Swiss Start Up Factory a very generous place to go to for all needs to do with investing and startups.

The Delusions Of Glenn Beck About George Soros

The Failure Of Critical Thinking
If the critics of the globalization movement are in need of a villain they can look towards George Soros. At least this is what Glenn Beck would have you believe. Through his frequent diatribes against the billionaire he has given his audience a clearly false but inflammatory portrayal of Soros rooted in both populist economic fears and antisemitism. If one takes even a brief look at the various claims Beck has made you would think Soros plans on enacting world domination by any shady means necessary. The popularity of Beck marks the unfortunate victory of delusions over facts.

The Irony Of The Situation
There is a distinct irony to the attacks Glenn Beck directs towards George Soros. A cursory look at the political stances of Beck reveal a distinctively anticommunist worldview. It just so happens that George Soros is one of the world’s most prominent activists favoring capitalism. The revolutions that Beck claims to expose aren’t anything he should oppose. Yet in Beck’s alternate reality a hedge fund manager, in fact arguably the world’s most successful hedge fund manager, is in fact deeply opposed to capitalism.

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Strange And Spiteful Rhetoric
Glenn Beck has added a peculiar twist to the old blood libel commonly cited against Jews. He claims that Soros was in fact himself a collaborator with the Nazis in his early teens and helped the Nazis send other Jews to their untimely demise during Kristallnacht. This clearly antisemitic canard displays both the absurdity and severity of the attacks Glenn Beck levels against Soros. He is reviving an ancient form of prejudice for his ratings. While many dismiss him as a joke or merely entertaining his crowd. There’s so much more to the story.

The Excuses Pouring In
The horrific falsehoods of Glenn Beck are often excused as a form of humor rather than something serious on Forbes. His fellow conservatives claim his more extreme accusations aren’t meant to cause any particular harm to anybody. With the rise of antisemitism and the connection to efforts to oppose globalization it is difficult to ignore a man who distinctively attacks an international finance stalwart of Jewish extract. The rhetoric of Glenn Beck is absolutely more than just a joke or something to brush aside. He is stoking the fire of a potentially dangerous movement. That simply is never a laughing matter. See: https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

Davos REG’s CEO, David Osio, and the Company’s Directors Release a New Software

David Osio is a business mogul who founded the Davos Financial Group, which is a company that offers top quality financial consultancy services. He has been devoted to ensuring that the enterprise gets good returns and performs well in the local and international markets. The firm has been creating branches in the major cities such as Lisbon, New York, Panama, and Geneva. It has designed its products and services to offer the clients an ideal platform for making investments and also solve issues that they face while they are in business. The approaches that Mr. Osio has been using in managing the company have been professional, and this has ensured that the clients receive top-notch services from well-trained individuals. Davos Financial Group has adequate experience in the provision of asset management, corporate planning, portfolio creation, and banking solutions.

The Davos Financial Group owns various divisions and one of them is the Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG). The real estate firm has been operational for about two decades, and it has been recognized in the Latin America regions for the high quality of services that it offers. The investment plans that it offers to the clients are well built since it has hired licensed professionals who strive to ensure that it achieves its mission.

Some directors of the company such as Pablo Bausili and Gerard González worked closely with Mr. Osio to release a mobile application, which is known as the Davos CAP Calculator. The software will be important to the company since it will be assisting its clients in determining the profits that they are likely to get if they venture into the United States’ real estate sector. The development of the application has been under the supervision of Mr. González who has been ensuring that it will be able to serve the clients appropriately. Individual who use the software will be able to predict the outcome of business before they engage themselves in it.

The mobile software can be supported by smartphones that use Android and iOs operating systems and it can be accessed on Google Play and the App Store. More applications will be created by the company in and they include the Mortgage Calculator, which will enable home buyers to determine the money that they are required to pay for a home after calculating the charges that are imposed by financial institutions. The creation of the software is one way that the company is using to accomplish its objectives.

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Healthy Living with Sweetgreen

In the region surrounding Georgetown, Sweetgreen has gained popularity over the past few years. This is a restaurant that allows students and faculty to have a good diet that caters for their wellbeing. The restaurant is famous for its workout snacks as well as the quick lunch that it offers. Sweetgreen was founded several years ago by three co-founders who didn’t have any experience running a business. They didn’t even have any information about the food industry. These three gentlemen were Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicolas Jammet. The three were senior year students at the time they established the company. Their main aim was to offer affordable and healthy food in Georgetown.


They were brought together by the love of food as well as the need to create something for themselves and the need to solve a problem that faced the society. The only thing that they had was a vision, a business plan and parents who had excelled well in business. According to Jammet, the lack of experience was a good thing for them as they were able to take any challenge with a set of fresh eyes. Before embarking on their adventure, this three gentlemen asked for advice from other restaurant owners as well as the Georgetown faculty and architects from the area.


Neman says that establishing the venture allowed them to use what they had learned in school in real life. This business has taught the three gentlemen the need of having a value-driven business. They have also learned in real life how the culture of a community is important when it comes to influencing a brand. The three gentlemen are happy with the way the business around the school has grown and acknowledge that they are happy with how the university pays attention to service. These three gentlemen have made it a habit to ensure that they incorporate community service into Sweetgreen. They have achieved this by launching a program referred to as Sweetgreen in Schools. These programs are driven towards educating school children on the importance of proper nutrition as well as healthy living. Initially, it began as a weekly program. Today, the program has become a series of workshops that are conducted in several states such as Virginia, Maryland, New York and District of Columbia.


The current Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen is Nathaniel Ru. Ru recently commented that his role model is Kevin Plank for the work he has done with Under Armor. Ru says that if he was given another chance to be a twenty-year-old, the one thing that he would do was to read books more than he does today. Ru also emphasizes on the need of building a team that you are comfortable with. His favorite restaurant is in Washington DC.

Cone Marshall Maintains A Top Position In Tax And Estate Litigation

Cone Marshall is a law firm that has dedicated its service to solving issues concerning commercial litigation. Since the firm was incepted in 1999, it has advanced its practice and invited more professionals who are well versed with matters to do with tax and estate litigation. Over the past one decade, the firm has invested in upgrading their system and enhancing the efficiency of their infrastructure.


It is the first law firm in New Zealand to specialize in tax and estate laws, and it has been ranking highly in the provision of services in that domain. Cone Marshall has grown to become an internationally recognized firm with clients from different jurisdictions. They have a seamless technology infrastructure that is supporting them in the management of orders, something that has increased efficiency.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has ensured all the services they offer are guided by the need to promote integrity and fairness. The leadership of the firm has been careful when working with clients from different backgrounds and their mission has remained to offer honest support that can help their clients to find solutions to different problems.


Professionals behind the success

The success Cone Marshall has attained has been a process initiated by different professionals within the company. Among people who can be applauded for providing support that has pushed Cone Marshall to reach clients in different countries, Karen Marshall has invested both her time and energy towards transforming the firm to rank internationally.


She boasts of wide experience as a lawyer and before she joined Cone Marshall in 2006, she was working in London. Her experience with tax and estate laws is a privilege to Cone Marshall and she is confident the firm will proceed to cover more clients from diverse industries.


When she was appointed the principal of the firm in 2006, she came in with new policies that have been able to transform the way Cone Marshall operates. The level of technology used has improved and professionals who make part of the lawyers are allowed to access regular training about emerging issues.


Most importantly, Cone Marshall has enjoyed the support of Geoffrey Cone since the firm was incepted in 1999. He has been in the industry working as a lawyer for more than 30 years. Geoffrey Cone is consulted on a number of issues that the company handles. Geoffrey works with other professionals in the firm to draft policies that have inspired growth.



SEC Whistleblowers Need Lawyers

While the economic collapse appears to be over, that doesn’t mean Wall Street has been completely cleaned up. There are still people from all walks of life that are coming forward to let the SEC know there is still shady business going on. When a SEC Whistleblower does step forward, they are going to need representation.

A SEC Whistleblower attorney is someone who can tell the person who wants to come forward and talk about what kinds of things can be talked about and what kinds of things can even get the person who is blowing the whistle in a spot of trouble. The fact of the matter is that even if you think you are altruistic, there are certain topics you just aren’t allowed to cover.

When the economy was collapsing, the government erected the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to overhaul the way the federal government oversees Wall Street and the economic sector in general. This Act did some different things, but one of the most important moves it made is that it changed the way the whistleblower program works.

This is another reason you are going to want to find yourself a whistleblower lawyer to make sure you have been following what those new rules have laid out. One of the things that make this kind of practice a bit of an incentive is that the government will now pay 10-30 percent of whatever money they end up seizing or fining a company, to the person who blew the whistle. This certainly strikes many as the kind of thing that is going to bring people out of the wood work and that it entirely the point.

There are going to be some individuals who go looking for wrongdoing to get that money. The point of the tweaks in the law is to try and get people who might have problems coming forward who will now do so because they can provide for their families while doing the right thing. This new part of the law also does make it that much more of an imperative that you consult a whistleblower attorney to figure out how you should go about letting the SEC know if you think or know for certain that something shady is going on.

Brexit Gold Coin Adds Another Dimension to Protecting Wealth

Each ripple in the economic horizon sparks new ripples in the brows of all who wish to preserve their wealth and protect it against monetary catastrophes. Safe buying highlights the advertising on various websites that have the theme of Brexit, Currencies, Hedging, Stocks and wealth management. Should anyone with wealth to protect invest in Gold or even consider simply the nostalgic, nationalistic value of holding a precious Brexit gold coin in their collections of valuables? Why not? Being prepared for anything and having beautiful things is not always the same thing, but in this case this item will serve both simultaneously.

Those who are contemplating coins of gold will be happy to consult the Private Coin Invest Trust who have worked together with Cook Islands who are happily presenting the three beautiful, commemorative and historic coins to honor the Brexit vote and Britain’s departure from the European Union. June 23, 2016 will be remembered as the day that Britain turned away from globalism and turned back to self preservation by isolating itself from the crumbling Euro. This historical step into British Sovereign insulation for European economic disaster is being celebrated with three lovely coins which are:

  • A .999 fine silver dollar
  • A .9999 fine gold $5.00 coin
  • A .9999 fine gold $20 coin

These coins each have the United Kingdom with a colorful Union Jack flag on one side next to the continent of Europe. On each side is the date that will live on in history, June 23, 2016 with an arrow pointing to the word that describes the famous vote: “Brexit.” The flip side of each coin has the Ian Rank-Broadley Queen Elizabeth II in effigy. These are such lovely ways to add to a Gold portfolio as well as to a coin collection.

The weight of these coins varies as follows. The silver coin weighs in at three grams and measures across in diameter to twenty six millimeters. Only 2,016 have and will ever be coined. These have already been bought up. Getting one from anyone will certainly be something to achieve. The five dollar piece weighs a half a gram and is only eleven millimeters in diameter and only 10,000 of these have been minted. The gold twenty dollar coin comes in at 3.1 grams and is twenty six millimeters in diameter with the limit of 2,016 made as well. These two are still available.

Finding these coins could be difficult as they are yet to be carried by a United States distributor. There is a way to find them on the second sale markets and surely that will not be difficult for those who are determined to add these breathtaking and historical coin pieces to their collections and portfolios of precious metals. Most Gold retailers suggest that 10 to 20 percent is the limit that one should go to invest in gold for hedging against financial ruin should the next economic collapse unfold again. Gold exchange funds are also something to look into as they are strong performers this year.

Learn more: http://www.numismaticnews.net/article/silver-gold-mark-historic-brexit

Repairing Online Reputations One Status At A Time

Darius Fisher founded Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, after working as a political correspondent on political campaigns, Darius decided he wanted to open his own business so that he could travel and have the freedom to be his own boss. Fisher started Status labs in 2011, and the business has grown into one of the premier online reputation management companies in the world.

What Status Labs does is simple, they offer digital crisis management, creating and implemented plans to negate or spin any negative comments or bad press found on media outlets related to their clients. Mr. Fishers’ company also searches the headlines on Google as this is the most used outlet for online media.

Darius Fisher offers some secrets to his success which include quitting his job and diving headlong into being a full time entrepreneur, and stating when someone does start their small business, figure out the fastest way to start earning money, and lastly, to focus on the running of the business and selling the product instead of getting mixed up into other issues not related to the running of the business.

Fisher is a graduate with honors of Vanderbilt University, and his former job as a political consultant has certainly helped prepare him for a bright future with Status labs.

Shea Butter-The Ancient Miracle Worker


So, what is shea butter and what makes it so beneficial, Eugenia Shea’s FAQ answers many common questions.  It is widely used in cosmetics, salves and lotions because of its moisturizing benefits. To begin with, shea butter is much like cocoa butter, as it’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins A and E. Basically a miracle worker, the antioxidants and vitamins in shea butter make it ideal to treat eczema, acne, wrinkles and many other skin problems. It can even be used as a moisturizing scalp conditioner and even in your food. It also has anti-inflammatory healing benefits and offers a low SPF protection naturally. Shea was even used back in the time of Ancient Egypt to help protect hair and skin from the harsh elements. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t clog your pores and all you need to do to reap its benefits is rub a little into your palms until it melts and apply as needed onto your skin.


EuGenia (you-geh-knee-ah) “means origin of goodness” in Greek. EuGenia Shea is a family company and their supplier, Naasakle Ltd. harvests the shea fruit used to make their products,in Northern Ghana. Eugenia Shea is a company that’s proud of their products. It’s a labor of love. Eugenia Shea is a fair-wage company and offers opportunities to its female workers in Ghana. They even donate 15% profits back to them in an education fund.


You can order many wonderful products from EuGenia Shea online. Their shea butter is packaged in cute little tins and are available in Everyday, Pregnancy and Dermatological Strength options.  They process your order in 1-2 business days via USPS Priority mail. In total it will probably take about 5 business days to receive your order. You can also choose to have your products shipped to you automatically to take advantage of their free shipping through the subscription option. Order now and see what everyone is raving about!

Michael Zomber Likes To Extend His Investing To Antique Guns

Michael Zomber is an investor as well as antique gun enthusiast. He has managed to come quite high up the ladder since he was young and still studying in school. This is probably because during his years of school and especially college, Michael always gave 120 percent. While attending the University of Illinois, Michael Zomber completed a double major, earning him both a Psychology and English degree. He enjoyed challenging himself and he wanted to reach his goals for success. This is why he want for an even higher education by attending UCLA to earn his Master’s degree in English Literature.

At first, Michael did not really know what he wanted to do with the education he spent his time on. He lucked out when one of his buddies invited him along to a gun show, which is where he found his interest in guns, particularly antiques. He knew right then at the show that he would like to own some of these pieces for himself. Following this, Michael did his research on antique guns and spent a lot of time becoming knowledgeable about everything relating to them. Since that time, Michael Zomber has attended many more shows and purchased a large number of antique guns that he has added to his collection, and he has even lent some to museums to allow them to show off the history to the public.

Over time, Michael’s large college of antique guns brought him a lot of attention, essentially making him a mini-celebrity.  On top of his appreciation and interest in antique guns, they are also a strong investment for Michael, as their value continues to increase over time. Though, there are a few of the guns that he thinks he will never part with. For now, he looks for rare and very old antique guns to purchase and then hide away for years, til they start increasing in value.  Currently, Michael Zomber has found a great deal of success in his field and hobby, and has no plan to stop anytime soon.