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Kim Dao Explores Akihabara and a Maid Café?!

In this sponsored vlog, Kim Dao and fellow YouTuber, Sunnydahye, explore the bustling district of Akihabara, located in Tokyo, Japan.


The two ladies start their adventure off in one of Akihabara’s most popular maid café, [i]Maid Dreamin’[/i]. It is quite an interesting experience for anyone who has never been to a maid café, like Kim Dao’s friend. The fun, upbeat, montage shows off the charming interactions between the maids and their patrons. The girls get to order delicious food in the shape of adorable characters as well as watch fun and interactive mini pop idol shows while the maids draw cute designs, in sauce, on their food. Kim Dao and her friend really enjoyed their time at the café, “they knew we were foreigners, so they tried their best to make us feel comfortable”.


They finish out the video with a stroll around the streets of Akihabara to see many of the various convenient stores, anime merchandise, and cosplay shops. Throughout this montage Kim Dao breaks in to offer her opinion on specific shops. This is extremely helpful and interesting, especially if you’re in another country and are really curious about these sorts of things. Lastly, the girls try some gashapon machines and play a few rounds of Tekken. Who do you think will win?


Overall, this vlog is a lot of fun. Kim Dao mentions, even if you’re not into anime there are still a lot of things for you in Akihabara.


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