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Former SEC Director Continues to Protect Investors in the Private Sector

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, everyone from investment clients to ordinary people to the government began paying more attention to the investment market. The SEC was ramped up and given more resources to find fraud and unethical behavior and punish those behind it.

Like every organization, the SEC is only as good as the individuals that lead it and during her tenure with the agency Helane Morrison made sure that the San Francisco Office was efficient and fruitful in its efforts.

During the eight years that Ms. Morrison worked for the SEC, the agency was able to detect and pursue cases of fraud from major tech and entertainment companies like Google and HBO. She was also instrumental in the case against American Amicable, an insurance company that sold fake securities to thousands of military personnel.

Hall Capital and the Private Compliance Industry

In 2007, Ms. Morrison decided to take her expertise to the private sector when she agreed to become Hall Capital’s Chief Compliance Officer. The firm is one of San Francisco’s largest money managers with about $24 billion in assets.

With her new role, Ms. Morrison can continue to protect investment clients by thoroughly investigating the different parts of the investment process: brokerage firms, mutual funds, and even the investment itself.

Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has been involved with compliance issues since she joined her first law firm in 1986. She was primarily concerned with cases that dealt with business litigation, corporate investigations, and SEC matters.

She was subsequently promoted to partner in 1991 and later left to become a director at the San Francisco Office of the SEC.

Ms. Morrison has served in her current position as Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital since 2007. She also serves as a member of the company’s executive committee and regularly speaks about common compliance issues that investment advisories face.

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  1. She was eventually promoted to regional director, which increased her jurisdiction to the Northern California area and five Northwest States. Her work helps Hall Capital and their clients in making sure that every investment they make is ethical and honest. To be brutally frank, the reason why superiorpaper did not hold back from getting these things to them are know for some plain reasons.

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