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Doe Deere Puts Fun Back In Our Makeup Bags!

Doe Deere’s line of animal cruelty free, vegan cosmetics is taking over the world, so make room in your bag for some outstanding creations designed to bring life and color back in to your makeup bags! The brand is called LimeCrime and it is not only taking a stand for the well-being of the animals, but also for the well being of your skin and the fight for freedom in expression.


Today too much of makeup is being geared towards a way to “fix your imperfections,” using subtle pigments and always including some sort of “anti-aging” or “firming”/”contouring” label, but what happened to the point of makeup to be fun and adventurous and a way to express your individual personality? Doe Deere has seen the reality of makeup today and is fixing it for the better so that we the people who want to enjoy our makeup with bright pigments instead of these boring pale colors that barely show up on our skin and wear off in no time at all! Doe Deere is a savior to people everywhere, standing up for the right to express ourselves through our makeup instead of just using it all as more ways to blend in with everyone else and every way that we’re “supposed” to be.


As the CEO and Founder of LimeCrime, Doe Deere is taking a stance against the beauty industry by way of making products that are bold, bright, brave, and say to the world “My personal style matters!” Thanks to Doe Deere and her brilliant idea to fill the gaping hole in the cosmetics industry men and women everywhere who enjoy makeup finally get a chance to really be seen and be heard about who they are with these enjoyable products that put fun back in our makeup bags!


About Doe Deere:


Launching LimeCrime through eBay back in 2008 so that people could finally get a hold of the unusual, bold colors that they craved, Doe Deere made a huge difference in the cosmetics industry and today she is getting a major pay off by having an unsurprising mass of loyal fans and customers all over the world buying from her website so that they can finally express their individual style in the way they’ve always dreamed! Doe Deere grew up in New York but was born in Russia. Doe Deere has also modeled every single product herself.