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Dick DeVos Proves Himself A Business Success In Many Different Industrial Sectors

The AmWay Group is a business I have spent a large amount of time monitoring because of the success the company has achieved over the course of its life that began in 1959 when established by Rich DeVos. I have always been impressed with the work of the DeVos family in maintaining a family feel to the company despite it reaching the top 30 of the largest privately held organizations in the U.S. Throughout the time I have been aware of AmWay I have always been impressed with Dick DeVos and his skills as a business leader who has been willing to work in many different areas. Dick eventually joined the AmWay Group in 1974, before finally making his way to the role of President and CEO in 1993.


I first became aware of Dick DeVos in the mid 1980s when his work with AmWay became an important part of the company’s overall success as the head of international business; however, I was amazed to learn Dick had been working with the AmWay Corporation for a decade before finally getting his chance to move up to executive level in 1986. Dick’s amazing business skills allowed the international sales department of AmWay to grow from providing just five percent of overall sales to over 50 percent in six short years. The ability of Dick DeVos to work in different areas was highlighted by his short period of time in the NBA as the President of the Orlando Magic, where I believe he proved himself a worthy successor to his father as the head of the AmWay Corporation.


Dick DeVos has never been a person to remain rooted in his areas of interest and success, which I believe can be seen in his continued push for education reform across the U.S. During his decade in charge of the AmWay Group Dick played a key role in the evolution and restructuring of the company that increased its profits and I believe prepared the company for the demands of the 21st century. I was shocked to hear Dick DeVos had decided to retire from AmWay in 2002 when company profits hit a record $4.5 billion, but I have been happy to see he continues to be a successful investor. Dick and his wife Betsy continue to impress me by investing in organizations and industrial sectors that interest them through The Windquest Group, such as green energy and boxed water supplies.