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Developer Sam Boraie Is Reshaping The Future Of New Jersey With Every New Project

New Jersey has always been a strange state. South Jersey is a mixture of seaside communities and bedroom towns for the people that work in Philadelphia. Northern Jersey is made up of towns that keep the people that work in New York City happy, although the North does have its fair share of industry on Boraie.com. Atlantic City and gambling were supposed to bring New Jersey out its narcoleptic state, but AC has its own set of demons to deal with. In fact, all the cities in Northern New Jersey have been plagued by violence, poverty, and miss management over the last 30 years. The one bright spot in central New Jersey is New Brunswick. New Brunswick has always had potential. Rutgers University and Johnson and Johnson have been the pillars that kept New Brunswick from completely destroying itself.

The work that Boraie Development LLC has done in New Brunswick over the last 30 years is another reason New Brunswick has been able to pull itself out of the funk and become a vibrant city again. Founder Omar Boraie had the vision to buy property in downtown New Brunswick in the 1970s. Back then, the inner-city was crumbling under the weight of crime and poverty. Boraie was able to purchase 21 dilapidated properties in the 1970s, and he started rebuilding the downtown area in the 1980s. The first Boraie Development project that gave people hope for the downtown area was the 250,000 square foot high-rise called Albany Street Plaza One. It took some time, but the 17-floor, Albany Street Plaza One was the building that started the revitalization of the inner-city of New Brunswick, according to one of the vice presidents of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie.

Sam Boraie is one New Brunswick’s leading entrepreneurs. Sam learned how the commercial real estate market functions from his father, Omar. Sam Boraie and his siblings have played an instrumental role in the completion of Albany Street Plaza Two, the One Spring Street residential building, and the Aspire. The Aspire, a luxury condo building with retail space as well as office space. The success Sam has achieved in the development of office and residential buildings in downtown New Brunswick has prompted other companies to invest in New Jersey.

Boraie Development has been the driving force in rebuilding New Brunswick, but Sam Boraie also wanted to help Newark come alive again. When Shaq O’Neil, the Newark native, and Basketball superstar, wanted to invest in Newark, he called Sam Boraie. The men formed a partnership, and they built the One Riverview Building. One Riverview was an instant hit. It gave Newark the high-rise condo space it desperately needed.

Even though Sam is deeply immersed in the development of New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City, he makes time to give back to his community. Sam is a trusted member of the Advisory Board of the nonprofit organization, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise helps feed the hungry through its soup kitchen, café, and catering service. Sam is also a member of the State Theater’s Board of Trustees. The State Theater has played a vital role in educating and entertaining people for more than 90 years. See: http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141230/NJBIZ01/141239989/the-visionary-omar-boraie-has-seen-the-potential-of-new-brunswick-for-four-decades