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Davos REG’s CEO, David Osio, and the Company’s Directors Release a New Software

David Osio is a business mogul who founded the Davos Financial Group, which is a company that offers top quality financial consultancy services. He has been devoted to ensuring that the enterprise gets good returns and performs well in the local and international markets. The firm has been creating branches in the major cities such as Lisbon, New York, Panama, and Geneva. It has designed its products and services to offer the clients an ideal platform for making investments and also solve issues that they face while they are in business. The approaches that Mr. Osio has been using in managing the company have been professional, and this has ensured that the clients receive top-notch services from well-trained individuals. Davos Financial Group has adequate experience in the provision of asset management, corporate planning, portfolio creation, and banking solutions.

The Davos Financial Group owns various divisions and one of them is the Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG). The real estate firm has been operational for about two decades, and it has been recognized in the Latin America regions for the high quality of services that it offers. The investment plans that it offers to the clients are well built since it has hired licensed professionals who strive to ensure that it achieves its mission.

Some directors of the company such as Pablo Bausili and Gerard González worked closely with Mr. Osio to release a mobile application, which is known as the Davos CAP Calculator. The software will be important to the company since it will be assisting its clients in determining the profits that they are likely to get if they venture into the United States’ real estate sector. Individual who use the software will be able to predict the outcome of business before they engage themselves in it.

The mobile software can be supported by smartphones that use Android and iOs operating systems and it can be accessed on Google Play and the App Store. More applications will be created by the company in and they include the Mortgage Calculator, which will enable home buyers to determine the money that they are required to pay for a home after calculating the charges that are imposed by financial institutions. The creation of the software is one way that the company is using to accomplish its objectives.

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