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Bob Reina Launches the Free Charity Account

Bob Reina is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Talk Fusion. He founded the video communications company in 2007 with the goal of simplifying the activity of sending videos over the internet. As an animal activist, Mr. Reina engages himself in providing shelter to the homeless animals and advocating against cruelty treatment of animals. His love for animals has seen him bring pets in his office with the belief that they create a more relaxed environment. Bob Reina dedication to helping various communities dates back to when he was a police officer in the Tampa Bay area.



Talk Fusion



They offer a business opportunity to associates in these countries to market their products and earn their commissions instantly after three minutes of the sale. The company uses WebRTC Technology, which gives a platform for communication using video emails, video chats, video newsletters, live meetings, and Sign-up forums. Bob Reina has grown his company to the 7th largest video communications company globally and one of the 50 leading companies in the DSA-Direct Selling Association.



The Free Charity Account



Bob Reina launched the Talk Fusion’s Free Charity Account in April 2016 as a way of giving back to the society. The program offers the Talk Fusion Associates a chance to donate one free account in the monthly Custom Plan to any charity of their choice. The beneficiaries of this account will have access to various video marketing products that Talk Fusion offers in addition to a chance to share messages and inspire the communities. Bob Reina’s mission is to help various charities and non-profits to reach as many people as possible through sharing their cutting-edge video marketing products.






He worked with SPCA Florida and other organizations in helping the Nepal earthquake and the tsunami victims in Japan. Bob Reina is also an active donor to an orphanage in Indonesia and is renowned for his support of the local sports by providing uniforms to the sports teams. Mr. Reina contributed $1 million and helped raise more funds for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.






The Award Winning Talk Fusion Video Chat

The Communications Solutions Product of the Year is an award presented by TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) which recognizes unique innovations in data, voice or video communications. Talk Fusion’s video chat product winning of this award shows the development at the Communications firm.

Talk Fusion’s video chat has taken video communication a step further. It allows people to communicate or any device (smartphone, PC or tablet) at any location. You can communicate with anyone on any platform. The powerful application is available on iTunes and Google Play. The app utilizes WebRTC technology.

Talk Fusion is proving to be at the forefront of video communication technology by seeking to be an all-in-one provider of video marketing solutions. The rate of innovation at the firm is outstanding, and all of the staff is involved in the work process. The CEO, Bob Reina believes the company can stay ahead of the curve if they keep up the spirit. Each year at Talk Fusion is better than the last.

Talk Fusion launched a website TalkFusionInstantPay.com which includes free trial sessions for their WebRTC recorder helping them reach more customers than they otherwise would. The company’s Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page lauds the firm’s innovation culture, and there is plenty more to come.

Talk Fusion is a first in the field of Video Marketing since they offer all services at one stop. They believe that video communication is the most efficient way to communicate, especially in business. One can be more persuasive and interactive with the chat being more memorable than an email or phone call.

The human touch is inherent in Talk Fusion’s approach. Even their products are marketed door to door by people, a unique way to function in the Technology industry. Talk Fusion has a presence in more than 140 countries with their products marketed by independent third parties. They offer prospect clients free trials of their solutions for 30 days which lets a customer test the product first before buying it.