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Cone Marshall Maintains A Top Position In Tax And Estate Litigation

Cone Marshall is a law firm that has dedicated its service to solving issues concerning commercial litigation. Since the firm was incepted in 1999, it has advanced its practice and invited more professionals who are well versed with matters to do with tax and estate litigation. Over the past one decade, the firm has invested in upgrading their system and enhancing the efficiency of their infrastructure.


It is the first law firm in New Zealand to specialize in tax and estate laws, and it has been ranking highly in the provision of services in that domain. Cone Marshall has grown to become an internationally recognized firm with clients from different jurisdictions. They have a seamless technology infrastructure that is supporting them in the management of orders, something that has increased efficiency.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has ensured all the services they offer are guided by the need to promote integrity and fairness. The leadership of the firm has been careful when working with clients from different backgrounds and their mission has remained to offer honest support that can help their clients to find solutions to different problems.


Professionals behind the success

Among people who can be applauded for providing support that has pushed Cone Marshall to reach clients in different countries, Karen Marshall has invested both her time and energy towards transforming the firm to rank internationally.


She boasts of wide experience as a lawyer and before she joined Cone Marshall in 2006, she was working in London. Her experience with tax and estate laws is a privilege to Cone Marshall and she is confident the firm will proceed to cover more clients from diverse industries.


When she was appointed the principal of the firm in 2006, she came in with new policies that have been able to transform the way Cone Marshall operates. The level of technology used has improved and professionals who make part of the lawyers are allowed to access regular training about emerging issues.


Most importantly, Cone Marshall has enjoyed the support of Geoffrey Cone since the firm was incepted in 1999. He has been in the industry working as a lawyer for more than 30 years. Geoffrey Cone is consulted on a number of issues that the company handles.