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What’s Next For The Pro-Choice School Programs After Betsy DeVos Heads to Washington?

Mrs. Betsy DeVos is a fervent reformer hailed for introducing several milestone legislation in the US Pro-Choice School programs in the past thirty-five years. As fate would have it, the man she ended up marrying was also into charity. Dick DeVos shares the same altruistic ideals and drives as the wife. Together, the couple would go ahead to advocate for reforms to the educational sector with their personal wealth placed at over $5 Billion.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

An outside observer might be prompted to ask themselves the all-important question: Why do the billionaires dole out all those millions to charity? Well, the answer is a bit complex, but, it mostly has to do with rubbing their egos in out doing one another. The region which both Dick and Betsy come from is renowned for philanthropy. Here, the rich and affluent Michigan’s get ranked by the hundreds of millions dished away.

Generous American Family

The DeVos are ranked among the top thirty most generous and philanthropic families in the entire United States of America on the trusted Forbes Magazine list. Close but accurate estimates place the total sum of cash doled out the family to charity to be fast approaching $200 while the political donations in the previous electioneering cycle were at $17 million. The DeVos are life members and supporters of the Conservative agenda with Dick having once attempted, albeit unsuccessfully, for a gubernatorial seat in Michigan. Also, Betsy once served as the chairwoman of the Republican Party’s state branch. She held that position for six years. The American blonde is a permanent member of at least 20 registered charity organizations and private school organizations all across the state.

Here are the highlights of an interview Betsy DeVos had with the award-winning philanthropy e-journal, Philanthropy Round Table a while back. Follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.com

300,000 Needy Children Benefiting

Under the stewardship of the DeVoses, the private educational choice programs have spread from Michigan to Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Indiana, Florida, and Ohio. Thanks to the tireless effort and the personal contributions by Betsy DeVos and her extended family, up to 300,000 private school going kids are going to benefit from the lunch voucher initiatives. 300K is a large number especially putting into consideration that by the time the incumbent Secretary of Education managed to accomplish all that work, she wasn’t even in a real position of power.

Equal Opportunities to All

Previously, Betsy Devos didn’t have the mandate to take the prototype and replicate it all over the nation. But all that changed with her nomination for public office by Mr. Donald Trump. All her life, Betsy DeVos has vowed to help level the playing field for some of these poor children he and the husband would meet on their daily routines and lives. They felt they had an obligation to make the future a better place for all kids not just for their own offspring. And, that’s the main inspiration that’s led them to splash all those millions to Christian and education causes everywhere. Check this article from New York Post.