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Quincy Apartment in New Brunswick, NJ Shootings

One of the most security events that have been followed keenly is the shooting in New Brunswick. There have been some incidences that have occurred in the Quincy area. Quincy is an apartment that can be found near the Raritan River. The insecurities incidence in this particular complex made people made insecure for people to dwell there. The incidences that occurred in the Quincy that can be found at the Liberty Street, the crimes includes theft and shooting. For this reason, most residents have been injured due to weapon possession. This is a sad reality of the residents of the apartment.



One of the shooting crime happened on October 7th, 2015. This incident left one person injured at the Brunswick Apartment. Due to these crime incidences, it has led police declaring it a hot spot for the crime activities. The shooting was perpetrated by one criminal, at the time four shots were heard in the air. Later one person was left injured, and was taken to the hospital. The person who rushed the victim of the shooting to the hospital ended up being the suspect. Police discovered more bullets at the compound and this alerted the police to go back and carry out thorough research.



Another incident happened on May 7th, 2013 that involved a Pizza delivery man. The man was delivering a pizza when the incident happened. Once the man had entered on the resident where the pizza was supposed to be delivered he was told that no one ordered the pizza. Upon going back to his car he meets the gang waiting for him. It was after robbing the man off his pizza and shooting him that the gangster drove away. The police found the suspect an ordinary street man after getting adequate information from the cell phone. The man was arrested and aligned in court for abstraction of justice, robbery with violence and unlawful use of a weapon. A person who was seeking medical attention at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital was linked to the shooting.

Read more: http://patch.com/new-jersey/southbrunswick/new-brunswick-man-charged-in-quincy-circle-pizza-robbery


These are the publicly known shooting that happened in New Brunswick, NJ, however, there could be other un document shootings as well as another event that have taken palace. Some of the most well-known shooting happened as a result of the domestic issues. For instance, the shooting that left two people in dire conditions in the New Brunswick city. According to police reports the shooting are common in this particular apartment because most peoples are armed.