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Jose Henrique Borghi – Prominent Name in the Brazilian Advertising Space

Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most successful and popular advertising professionals in the Brazilian advertising space. One of the most popular ads that he created, which continues to garner him applaud and love from across the globe, is Mammals of Parmalat. It was an ad that was created for Wildlife Conservation, and people as well as critics loved the advertisement as it was moving, heart-warming, and inspiring at the same time. It delivered the message in a very critical yet subtle way, and it is what the specialty of Jose Borghi is. He creates ads for his clients that is attractive and yet effectively delivers the brand’s message.

Jose Henrique Borghi has studied marketing and advertising at Pontifical Catholic University, one of the leading universities in Brazil. After completing his studies in marketing, Jose Borghi managed to bag a job at Standard Ogilvy, one of the globally acclaimed advertising firms. He worked at Standard Ogilvy for a few years and then worked at several other firms such as FCB, Talent, DM9DDB, and Leo Burnett. It is what helped him gain the practical experience and knowledge about the workings of the advertising world.

However, after working for few years with different advertising firms equipped him with the confidence to start his advertising firm. It is what he did in partnership with his long-time friend and colleague, Erh Ray. The name of the firm he started was Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence. The company was later merged with Lowe, and in the next few years, the firm merged again with Mullen advertising firm. The company today is called as Mullen Lowe Brazil, which is the third-largest advertising firm in Brazil. Jose Henrique Borghi serves as the company’s co-CEO and helps the firm scale new heights of success by providing strategic and creative inputs.

An Insight into the Life of Arthur Becker

New York City is often referred to as the capital of the world. The city has produced the best bankers, real estate agents, and technologists for the last few years. Among these professionals is a real estate agent called Arthur Baker. He has lived his entire life in New York and has many projects in the City and Miami, Florida. Arthur Baker is a social person and can be found on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While he uses these profiles for personal reasons, he has used them in the past to keep touch with his customers and clients.

Arthur Baker is a man with experience in many fields. Before venturing into the real estate industry, he worked in a technology firm as well as a biotech firm. From 2012 to 2015, Arthur Becker used to be the chief executive officer and chairman of a company called Zinio. His major responsibilities at this firm included day to day running as well as creating strategies to help the company survive in a dynamic environment. From 2002 to 2010, Arthur Becker used to work with a company called Navisite where occupied the position of chief executive officer and president. This was a multinational company that offered its services in a host of nations such as India, United States, and the United Kingdom. His experience extends to the fashion industry. For seven years, this real estate guru worked as a fashion consultant for a firm known as Vera Wang fashion. To know more visit Madison Partners.

In a recent interview with Inspirely.com, Arthur Becker revealed that talent acquisition is very important for every business. This entails acquiring people with visions that align with the vision of your business. The one thing that Arthur Becker would do again and again is listening to experienced people talk about their businesses. He says that there is a lot that we can learn by listening. Having been in the biotechnology industry for a while, Arthur Becker notes that he is still intrigued by the developments being recorded in this field. As of today, Becker acts as the managing member of a company called Madison Partners.

Read more: https://therealdeal.com/2016/08/30/tech-mogul-arthur-becker-gets-trio-of-townhouses-for-stake-in-soho-project/


Roberto Santiago And His Development In Brazil

Roberto Santiago is one of the most-successful developers in all of Brazil, and this article explains how he is developing new places to shop in his home state. He has put in quite a lot of work to build up a new industrial and commercial zone, and he believes that he each building he develops changes the way people live their lives. It is simple for someone to shop in this new shopping mall, and they may work there at the same time. Know more about Roberto Santiago at Wikipedia.org

#1: What Is The Mall Like?

Roberto Santiago has grown the mall around the premise that he may help many people get a job and shop in comfort. He has invited many companies to set up shop in the mall, and he believes that he may help a number of people find a job simply by inviting more businesses to join the project.

#2: Why Build A Mall?

Shopping malls tend to attract other businesses that wish to build in the area, and they will start up a number of businesses that will help grow more jobs. Roberto believes that a number of people who will find jobs they need, and they will ensure that they have a place to work and live. The residential buildings often grow because they provide a place for workers to live, and people move into the area because it has all that they need.

#3: How Does Roberto Affect Change?

Roberto has been developing in Brazil for some time, and the developments that he creates are among the finest in the world. He wants Brazil to look more modern, and he wants to see all the people of Brazil living better lives. The people who move into these areas have quite a lot of freedom to move around because they need not use a car to reach all the places they wish to go. It is simpler for someone to live a better life when they have moved into the area, and Roberto has built many developments of this style.

#4: How Is Brazil Growing?

Brazil is growing quite a lot to ensure that there are more places for people to live and work. The country is trying to grow to be beautiful in the sense that it will be a world showcase. There are a number of people who are gaining because of the work that Roberto has done. He wants to see Brazil become a more beautiful place to live, and he will continue to grow things such as this shopping mall.

The person who wishes to shop well may come to the mall that has been grown by Roberto Santiago. He is growing a number of places for people to live and work in Brazil. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Want George Soros Has Planned For 2017

Rising To the Top of Finance

George Soros has proven time and time again nobody else understands the hedge fund business like him. Thanks to his expertise he has been able to amass one of the most impressive fortunes even when compared to other hedge fund managers. He has made a name for himself by showing that he understands what is going to happen next in the world of finance. His success has not made him any more arrogant or distracted him from the responsibilities he feels towards making the world a better place for everyone. This is where he received the idea for the Open Society Foundation and his other charitable efforts.

The Crisis of Europe

Recently, migrants trying to escape the conflicts of the Middle East have made their way into Europe. Unable to speak the languages of the countries they now reside in, many migrants find themselves unwelcome and unable to find a way to support them. George Soros has decided he wants to do something about their situation and help them advance in their designated host countries. He has given half a billion dollars to the European Union in order to help them integrate the migrants into their societies. His efforts appear to be paying off as many migrants now have their own businesses.

Fighting Prejudice in America

Recent demographic changes have left many Americans with feelings of hostility towards immigrants. George Soros wants to do everything he can to combat this so he has decided to give more efforts towards doing something that will allow progressives to find a way to change attitudes. 2016 was the year that Soros decided he wanted to step foot into politics again, but it was a year full of disappointments. Despite these disappointments he has decided to do continue with his efforts.

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

Recovering From the fall

The victory of Donald Trump represents a major disappoint for the Left, but George Soros is determined to do everything he can to make sure that this does not repeat itself. He has made massive efforts towards enacting this and he continues to fight even in the face of adversity. Progressives have fought for so much and he refuses to let that progress fade away.

Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

About George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire focused on doing everything that he can to improve the human condition. So far, he has spent much of his efforts trying to promote the advancement of progressive movements around the world. In addition to using his fortune to provide financial support, he has also worked with progressive politicians to find a way to help foster the growth of Left wing movements.

Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

Through The Hands Of Time, Dick And Betsy DeVos’ Give Back To Society

Dick DeVos is a highly educated member of the American society. In principle, Dick DeVos believes in education as the foundation for all knowledge. For this reason, he is an individual that has acquired many education accolades over the years, with the aim of creating a better future for him. Married to an ambitious lady by the name of Betsy, this couple has been able to sire a number of children who are very passionate about giving. With his rich family background in politics, Dick DeVos has acquired all the skills needed to make him highly successful in life.


Basically, Dick DeVos is more of a businessman than a politician. Previously, he worked as the chief executive officer for a goods distribution company located in Michigan. After this, he decided to run for the governorship. Currently, he works as a cabinet secretary for the education docket of the United states of America.


Having attained financial stability, Dick has always been saddened by the poor standards of living, especially for the underprivileged members of society. Hence, in his formative years, he decided to find a lasting solution to help alleviate the situation. By any account, it is the citizens who help shape the destiny of their nation. It is because of his influence that both his immediate and extended family has followed in his footsteps. The DeVos’ family line has therefore believed in giving back to society for a very long time. Apart from political donations, the DeVoses have channeled most of their donations to charities meant to improve the quality of education, especially for the underprivileged. This is due to the fact that they strongly believe that it is the knowledge that the people acquire in schools that help them make their societies better.


Dick’s motivation to help build on the academic structures of his great nation was also brought about by the love that he has for his country. In order to see it prosper, he found it urgent to provide financial assistance to institutions that offer technical training for students. It is because of such training that there can be advancements in technology, improvements meant to better people’s livelihoods. Apart from investing heavily in education, he has endeavored to ensure that most, if not all of the social institutions in his country produce the best leaders. For this course, the Dick and Betsy DeVos’ foundation has also given charities to churches around the country. According to me, finding an efficient system that can be used to train children is a priority, solely because it is these children that help shape the future direction of any country in the world.


Finally, donations offered by the DeVos’ foundation have helped achieve some monumental milestones. It is due to these donations that young and energetic people have been able to acquire education accolades in different fields of study. Generally, the competence level of children in America has greatly improved. Since today’s societies are diverse, the Dick and Betsy DeVos’ family foundation has also given donations meant to improve on art and culture. At this time and age, our children can not only rely on intellectual knowledge but also in individual talent for financial success. Hence, I find it very ideal to help nurture young talent.




Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Offer New Strategies Of Growth For InnovaCare Health

The growth of the healthcare industry in the U.S. has taken the effort of stakeholders in different capacity for things to fall in place. Companies that operate in the healthcare services industry get the support of the government through the Medicare Advantage program on innovacarehealth.com and this has been a contributing factor to the development of the industry collectively and ensuring the healthcare system test streamlined for better quality and premium access to services. With competition came the need for these companies to re-strategize and come up with measures that would allow them to stay afloat in the industry.

Among the leading physician practice services providers, InnovaCare Health comes as a successful provider of services across different levels. They have some of the best Medicare Advantage plans in the country and despite serving the Puerto Rico market, there are plans to expand to other regions. InnovaCare Health benefits from focused leadership and professionals who are specialists in healthcare and management on smartbrief.com. Many of the achievements the company enjoys today came less than five years ago due to the changes that were made beginning 2012 to include a new team of professionals.

Rick Shinto and his team
When Rick Shinto was appointed to head InnovaCare Health in 2012, the company was not as good as it is today. It was among the struggling in the industry but owing to his massive experience and knowledge, Rick Shinto came up with new ideas that allowed the company to come up with better ways of dealing with challenges. Rick Shinto helped InnovaCare Health regain the lost glory and rank among the best in the market.

Rick Shinto’s previous experience at Aveta Inc., and NAMM California prepared him well for an executive position. Rick Shinto enjoys the support of professionals like Penelope Kokkinides, who is the chief administrator. She also worked at Aveta Inc before she was appointed to serve at InnivaCare Health. Penelope came up with great ideas that saw InnovCare Health install modern system of managing clients and services.

Today, InnovaCare Health serves over 300,000 individuals, who are members of Medicare Advantage. The company has continually grown over the years and is one of the most established within North America. InnovaCare Health uses new and efficient systems that enhanced the quality of services and lowered the cost of operations, which was transferred to users in the form of affordable rates for the different categories of services the company deals with.

Dick DeVos Proves Himself A Business Success In Many Different Industrial Sectors

The AmWay Group is a business I have spent a large amount of time monitoring because of the success the company has achieved over the course of its life that began in 1959 when established by Rich DeVos. I have always been impressed with the work of the DeVos family in maintaining a family feel to the company despite it reaching the top 30 of the largest privately held organizations in the U.S. Throughout the time I have been aware of AmWay I have always been impressed with Dick DeVos and his skills as a business leader who has been willing to work in many different areas. Dick eventually joined the AmWay Group in 1974, before finally making his way to the role of President and CEO in 1993.


I first became aware of Dick DeVos in the mid 1980s when his work with AmWay became an important part of the company’s overall success as the head of international business; however, I was amazed to learn Dick had been working with the AmWay Corporation for a decade before finally getting his chance to move up to executive level in 1986. Dick’s amazing business skills allowed the international sales department of AmWay to grow from providing just five percent of overall sales to over 50 percent in six short years. The ability of Dick DeVos to work in different areas was highlighted by his short period of time in the NBA as the President of the Orlando Magic, where I believe he proved himself a worthy successor to his father as the head of the AmWay Corporation.


Dick DeVos has never been a person to remain rooted in his areas of interest and success, which I believe can be seen in his continued push for education reform across the U.S. During his decade in charge of the AmWay Group Dick played a key role in the evolution and restructuring of the company that increased its profits and I believe prepared the company for the demands of the 21st century. I was shocked to hear Dick DeVos had decided to retire from AmWay in 2002 when company profits hit a record $4.5 billion, but I have been happy to see he continues to be a successful investor. Dick and his wife Betsy continue to impress me by investing in organizations and industrial sectors that interest them through The Windquest Group, such as green energy and boxed water supplies.


Developer Sam Boraie Is Reshaping The Future Of New Jersey With Every New Project

New Jersey has always been a strange state. South Jersey is a mixture of seaside communities and bedroom towns for the people that work in Philadelphia. Northern Jersey is made up of towns that keep the people that work in New York City happy, although the North does have its fair share of industry on Boraie.com. Atlantic City and gambling were supposed to bring New Jersey out its narcoleptic state, but AC has its own set of demons to deal with. In fact, all the cities in Northern New Jersey have been plagued by violence, poverty, and miss management over the last 30 years. The one bright spot in central New Jersey is New Brunswick. New Brunswick has always had potential. Rutgers University and Johnson and Johnson have been the pillars that kept New Brunswick from completely destroying itself.

The work that Boraie Development LLC has done in New Brunswick over the last 30 years is another reason New Brunswick has been able to pull itself out of the funk and become a vibrant city again. Founder Omar Boraie had the vision to buy property in downtown New Brunswick in the 1970s. Back then, the inner-city was crumbling under the weight of crime and poverty. Boraie was able to purchase 21 dilapidated properties in the 1970s, and he started rebuilding the downtown area in the 1980s. The first Boraie Development project that gave people hope for the downtown area was the 250,000 square foot high-rise called Albany Street Plaza One. It took some time, but the 17-floor, Albany Street Plaza One was the building that started the revitalization of the inner-city of New Brunswick, according to one of the vice presidents of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie.

Sam Boraie is one New Brunswick’s leading entrepreneurs. Sam learned how the commercial real estate market functions from his father, Omar. Sam Boraie and his siblings have played an instrumental role in the completion of Albany Street Plaza Two, the One Spring Street residential building, and the Aspire. The Aspire, a luxury condo building with retail space as well as office space. The success Sam has achieved in the development of office and residential buildings in downtown New Brunswick has prompted other companies to invest in New Jersey.

Boraie Development has been the driving force in rebuilding New Brunswick, but Sam Boraie also wanted to help Newark come alive again. When Shaq O’Neil, the Newark native, and Basketball superstar, wanted to invest in Newark, he called Sam Boraie. The men formed a partnership, and they built the One Riverview Building. One Riverview was an instant hit. It gave Newark the high-rise condo space it desperately needed.

Even though Sam is deeply immersed in the development of New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City, he makes time to give back to his community. Sam is a trusted member of the Advisory Board of the nonprofit organization, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise helps feed the hungry through its soup kitchen, café, and catering service. Sam is also a member of the State Theater’s Board of Trustees. The State Theater has played a vital role in educating and entertaining people for more than 90 years. See: http://www.njbiz.com/article/20141230/NJBIZ01/141239989/the-visionary-omar-boraie-has-seen-the-potential-of-new-brunswick-for-four-decades

The Need to Know on Mike Baur and The Swiss Start Up Factory

It is pretty easy to guess what type of company the Swiss Start Up Factory is just based off of their name. This company is based around taking small startups and making them bigger and better global companies that will go beyond the normal of companies and what they usually end up becoming. The vision of this company is to make one of the best accelerator programs around for startups and to give the startups that they come upon all that they need.

What can investors expect to see when signing on with the Swiss Start Up Factory? Well, for starters you will be able to look through a robust portfolio that is just full of different types of startups. Another thing you can expect is a platform in which investors can go to and see ideas and put some of their own out onto. With many well vetted startups this company definitely has a lot to offer the investors.

What can you expect to come across as one of the startups for The Swiss Start Up Factory? Startups get the best of both worlds with financing available, an intense 3 month program that is specifically designed to enhance the startup experience, an investor and mentor network and also a customized service package that will help to guide along any startup.

Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Swiss Start Up Factory. Baur put around twenty years into the Swiss Private Banking. He was able to make his way up the ladder of success starting as a commercial apprentice at UBS and then becoming one of the executive board members of a huge Swiss Private Bank. In the year of 2014 Mike and two partners of his started the Swiss Start Up Factory. This company ended up being one of the best things that any of them had ever dreamed up.

Mike loves the work that he does and is very proud of his accomplishments. It was a long climb to the top for him but it was worth every step. One of the best things about running a company like the Swiss Start Up company is the fact that you get to make people happy and also make them become successful with all of their dreams. This is probably the reason that the Swiss Start Up Factory a very generous place to go to for all needs to do with investing and startups.

Davos REG’s CEO, David Osio, and the Company’s Directors Release a New Software

David Osio is a business mogul who founded the Davos Financial Group, which is a company that offers top quality financial consultancy services. He has been devoted to ensuring that the enterprise gets good returns and performs well in the local and international markets. The firm has been creating branches in the major cities such as Lisbon, New York, Panama, and Geneva. It has designed its products and services to offer the clients an ideal platform for making investments and also solve issues that they face while they are in business. The approaches that Mr. Osio has been using in managing the company have been professional, and this has ensured that the clients receive top-notch services from well-trained individuals. Davos Financial Group has adequate experience in the provision of asset management, corporate planning, portfolio creation, and banking solutions.

The Davos Financial Group owns various divisions and one of them is the Davos Real Estate Group (Davos REG). The real estate firm has been operational for about two decades, and it has been recognized in the Latin America regions for the high quality of services that it offers. The investment plans that it offers to the clients are well built since it has hired licensed professionals who strive to ensure that it achieves its mission.

Some directors of the company such as Pablo Bausili and Gerard González worked closely with Mr. Osio to release a mobile application, which is known as the Davos CAP Calculator. The software will be important to the company since it will be assisting its clients in determining the profits that they are likely to get if they venture into the United States’ real estate sector. Individual who use the software will be able to predict the outcome of business before they engage themselves in it.

The mobile software can be supported by smartphones that use Android and iOs operating systems and it can be accessed on Google Play and the App Store. More applications will be created by the company in and they include the Mortgage Calculator, which will enable home buyers to determine the money that they are required to pay for a home after calculating the charges that are imposed by financial institutions. The creation of the software is one way that the company is using to accomplish its objectives.

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