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Brexit Gold Coin Adds Another Dimension to Protecting Wealth

Each ripple in the economic horizon sparks new ripples in the brows of all who wish to preserve their wealth and protect it against monetary catastrophes. Safe buying highlights the advertising on various websites that have the theme of Brexit, Currencies, Hedging, Stocks and wealth management. Should anyone with wealth to protect invest in Gold or even consider simply the nostalgic, nationalistic value of holding a precious Brexit gold coin in their collections of valuables? Why not? Being prepared for anything and having beautiful things is not always the same thing, but in this case this item will serve both simultaneously.

Those who are contemplating coins of gold will be happy to consult the Private Coin Invest Trust who have worked together with Cook Islands who are happily presenting the three beautiful, commemorative and historic coins to honor the Brexit vote and Britain’s departure from the European Union. June 23, 2016 will be remembered as the day that Britain turned away from globalism and turned back to self preservation by isolating itself from the crumbling Euro. This historical step into British Sovereign insulation for European economic disaster is being celebrated with three lovely coins which are:

  • A .999 fine silver dollar
  • A .9999 fine gold $5.00 coin
  • A .9999 fine gold $20 coin

These coins each have the United Kingdom with a colorful Union Jack flag on one side next to the continent of Europe. On each side is the date that will live on in history, June 23, 2016 with an arrow pointing to the word that describes the famous vote: “Brexit.”

The weight of these coins varies as follows. The silver coin weighs in at three grams and measures across in diameter to twenty six millimeters. Only 2,016 have and will ever be coined. These have already been bought up. Getting one from anyone will certainly be something to achieve. The five dollar piece weighs a half a gram and is only eleven millimeters in diameter and only 10,000 of these have been minted. The gold twenty dollar coin comes in at 3.1 grams and is twenty six millimeters in diameter with the limit of 2,016 made as well. These two are still available.

Finding these coins could be difficult as they are yet to be carried by a United States distributor. There is a way to find them on the second sale markets and surely that will not be difficult for those who are determined to add these breathtaking and historical coin pieces to their collections and portfolios of precious metals. Most Gold retailers suggest that 10 to 20 percent is the limit that one should go to invest in gold for hedging against financial ruin should the next economic collapse unfold again. Gold exchange funds are also something to look into as they are strong performers this year.

Learn more: http://www.numismaticnews.net/article/silver-gold-mark-historic-brexit