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Bernardo Chua Expands Business at Organo Gold

The direct sales industry celebrates Bernardo Chua as one of its giants. His main focus for the past ten years has been on different types of tea and coffee, as well as other products that people consume every day.

Another main effort was to introduce people to Ganoderma worldwide. Zoominfo said that Bernardo Chua established his business idea successfully at Gano Excel and at Organo Gold where he is currently working. Philippine was his starting point. He introduced Ganoderma to the profitable market in North America as well.

Popularly called Bernie, Bernado Chua was brought up in the Philippines. Since he has a Chinese heritage, he already knew a lot about Ganoderma. It is one of the types of mushrooms that grow on wood logs. The Asian and Chinese people have treated these mushrooms with high regard for many years now.

He, therefore, became the first individual to market Ganoderma, tea, and coffee outside the area. Direct sales approach has always worked for him in his previous and current roles. He foresaw numerous benefits from it. He figured it as a way of growing his business faster in Philippine and expanding it globally, making it an industry leader. Learn more about more Bernado Chua: http://cajamediterraneo.net/bernardo-chua-turkey-welcomes-health-in-a-cup-of-coffee/

Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman in the Pacific. He has received various awards in the course of his work. For instance, he attained the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry in 2014.

His company was also ranked the best in direct selling by the National Shoppers Choice. It emerged top among all companies operating in the food supplements sector. He has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year Awards on five different occasions.

Organo Gold is now a reputable company. However, Bernardo Chua still puts efforts to refine it. He collaborates with the world’s largest global organic Ganoderma producers, a partnership that results in quality Organo Gold products. He has funded various research efforts regarding Ganoderma.

This and much more other efforts have allowed Organo Gold to up its competition in the market. He has been training people on the health benefits of the herb. Today, Organo Gold, founded in Canada, has more than a million global distributors.